Holiday! Oh! Holiday!

We at have been kicking ass and making content for a while now! We’re all so proud of everything we’ve accomplished and shared with the PM community! However, in our furious whirlwind of content creation, making podcasts, comics, covering events and writing reviews and articles… we totally forgot to give our poor contributors a moment to catch their breath and stay fresh!

So we’ve decided to do just that. We’re giving our content creators a holiday for the month of March. We will still release podcasts each week, so don’t worry about that! However our comic releases will go on a short hiatus and return on Monday April 1st. I know this isn’t exactly what you wanted hear, but trust me when I say that we don’t want to take our contributors for granted and burn them out!

We love you all and will return on the 1st of April with Artistic Monk and Dinner & Dragons….and hopefully something new and exciting! (^_^)

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